Winter and the Water Element with Jennifer Downs

Winter and the Water Element 
create vibrant health with nature’s wisdom

Expert Interiew
with Acupuncturist Jennifer Downs, RN LAc

Jennifer Downs, RN LAc
Pivot Point Projects

Jennifer Downs is a powerful wellness resource for Baltimore. She has been practicing acupuncture for over 30 years. She is a wealth of knowledge, and most importantly, she walks her talk.  Enjoy!

Are you fully rested? Ready to spring forth?

In winter, the time of the water element, it is important to get deep rest and resonate with the stillness of the season.  Water provides depth, fluidity, resilience, moisture. When it is compromised or out of balance these things are compromised.

Consider ways to emphasize rest and stillness in your life. It is generally easier for us to find small ways in our daily lives…get creative when you get the concept. Make it work by making it doable. Take a day dreaming break on a busy day. walk around outside and gaze at the trees against the sky and feel the cold air..notice it’s effect on you. As spring starts to come, take note of the subtle differences.

Winter Emotions: Fear & Courage

Each element is associated with an emotion. All emotions serve a function.
It is how we move through them that is an indication of the balance within.

Fear is the emotion associated with the water element. Water out of control or depleted can produce a fear reaction…huge waves engulfing or dryness to the point of dehydration. Fear out of control when there is nothing to fear is a manifestation of imbalance.

Fear protects us by producing adrenalin to help us move quickly in fight or flight reaction or to jump out of the way of a runaway car. It is a paradox that courage is also associated with the water element. We learn courage when experiencing fear.

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