Weight Loss Interview with Hilary Heslep

Weight Release Interview #2

Hilary Heslep
Mom & Child Advocacy Lawyer

On This Call

If you struggle with body weight, you don’t want to miss this inspiring and informative interview with my friend and client-graduate Hilary Heslep. Hilary lost 30 pounds in our program and kept it off, even after having a baby.

Be inspired and empowered by Hilary’s story.

Hilary’s Story

Hilary gained a bunch of weight in a short period of time. She had been a vegetarian for 15 years. She tried a cleanse and nothing budged. In 4 months, she released 30 pounds working with us. What were the keys to her success?

1. Individuality – Learning to honor her unique body and metabolism with a unique approach to food

2. Smooth Moves – Resolving sluggish digestion with whole foods

3. Quality – Upgrading the quality of a number of food groups.

4. Support and Partnership 

* Getting her boyfriend (now husband) on board with supporting her self-care

* Hiring a professional! 😉

5. Fats – Incorporating MORE healthy fats. (Gasp!)

6. Experimentation – After years of eating a certain way, Hilary tried out some new nutrition ideas and got big time results.

7. Deliciousness– Prioritizing delicious healthy food.

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