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Got Kids? Picky Eaters? Top 3 Tips for Raising Healthy Eaters

Top 3 Tips Raising Healthy Eaters and Supporting Picky Eaters I was one of the pickiest eaters of all time. I only ate orange foods for a time! It drove my relatives crazy and worried my parents. The pediatrician advised- “Don’t force him. He’ll expand his food choices when he is ready.” Tip #1: Don’t Force It Thankfully, my parents […]

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Embracing the Changes of Motherhood [Moms]

Embracing the changes of motherhood By Heather Sobieralski, Certified Professional Health Coach Listen in on an interview with life coach and mom Heather Sobieralski www.mymamamojo.com Download the Interview Here When a woman becomes a mother, EVERYTHING CHANGES. Many of these changes are positive, as children enrich our lives, teach us how to love unconditionally and are inspirational for […]

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Digestive Health for Kids [Moms]

“Digestive Health for Kids” healthy gut = healthy kids with Lavina Velasco, CHC Listen to Lavina supporting BHC Moms… Why do digestive issues happen? How to alleviate them? 6 risk factors that cause digestive issues in your child 5 guiding principles for optimal digestion Q&A with Lavina & Lucas Listen to the recording and then check […]

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Which Is The “Best Breast Test?” Are Mammograms Safe?

Which is the “Best Breast Test?”   Dr. Carrick talks breast health & thermography. Listen here! Which medical test is best to detect if breasts are healthy? As Richele and 40 women begin 8 Weeks of “Body Love,” we thought it fitting to share with you about an exciting opportunity for you to love your body and specifically your breasts. […]

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Low Fat Diets + Infertility. Poor Nutrition + Child Development.

Teeth, Fats & Fertility Nutrition Research Every Parent and Parent-To-Be NEEDS to Know Got Kids? Thinking About Starting a Family? FACT: Modern children are being cheated out of the proper physical development, robust health and vitality that human beings are designed to experience.  Most of society, including many medical doctors, are unaware of the nutrition information I am […]

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Autism Spectrum Disorder with GAPS Diet – Story of Healing [Audio Interview]

“Stories of Healing” Interview #1 Autism Spectrum Disorder Angela Taylor and her son James Know someone with Autism, Chrohns, Colitis? On This Call You do not want to miss Angela’s interview. She shares: Her son James’ inspiring story of healing from autism spectrum disorder How nutrition played a major role in the healing The nutrition […]

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Milk or No Milk?

Milk or No Milk? Your Child’s Health May Depend On the Answer Was America WRONG about MILK? The most highly trained PhDs and MDs disagree about whether or not the white stuff is good for you and your kids. In this article, I’ll share CRITICAL information you need to know when making your decision about milk. Is Milk Necessary? […]

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Unsure About Flu Vaccine? It’s NOT a no-brainer.

Flu Vaccine Debate Don’t miss these 2 Critical Points that could make or break your family’s health. By Dr. Melissa Carrick Carrick Health and Chiropractic 3355 Keswick Rd, Baltimore MD 21211 “Get the flu vaccine!” –warnings and admonishments bombard us on ticker tape at the local CVS, flood the televised news, and urge us over the radio. With President […]

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