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Mindless Snacking? Low Energy? Try This! [Video]

Low Energy? Crashes? Your Most Energizing “Snack” Everything is food. Think outside the box when you choose how to address energy lows: Sometimes Water, sometimes Food, sometimes Meditation, and ALWAYS… A 5 Minute High Energy Daily Dance Party (DDP)!

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Should We Stop Snacking?

Should We Stop Snacking? Even if we could stop ourselves from snacking, would that be healthy? Some health experts teach eating 3 square meals without snacking. Others teach eating small meals 6 times per day.  What gives? Why Not Snack? In my mind, snacking as little as possible makes the most sense. Digesting food requires […]

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Afternoon Cravings? Late Night Snacks? How To Kick Cravings Without Willpower or Deprivation.

Kick Cravings for Good Without Willpower or Deprivation The First Step The first step to overcoming your cravings is to upgrade. If you are eating ice cream with lots of junk in it- don’t stop eating ice cream- first upgrade to a brand that uses high quality ingredients. Don’t Cut Out “Bad” Foods Foods we label […]

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