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The #1 Nutrition Study (and how to apply the findings for health and longevity)

[jwplayer config=”640-480″ mediaid=”1374″] Basic Summary of Take-Aways Eat only whole foods. Eat no processed foods. Take care to eat the highest quality foods. (e.g. organic veggies, grass fed animals) Understand the critical role of fats and fat soluble vitamins. (e.g. Advanced Summary of Dietary Keys The 11 common characteristics of the “primitive” diets of the 14 […]

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Baltimore Herbalist – Zensations by Jen – Jenny Ehrhardt in Hampden

Zensations by Jen Apothecary of Herbs Herbs are powerful addition to a healthy lifestyle. They are medicinal and highly nutritious. For all your organic dried herbal needs – visit Jenny Ehrhardt at Zensations in Hampden. Bulk, salves, tinctures, teas and more!! Meet Jenny Ehrhardt Herbalist and Massage Therapist Listen to Jenny now! Jenny’s Story of […]

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Should We Stop Snacking?

Should We Stop Snacking? Even if we could stop ourselves from snacking, would that be healthy? Some health experts teach eating 3 square meals without snacking. Others teach eating small meals 6 times per day.  What gives? Why Not Snack? In my mind, snacking as little as possible makes the most sense. Digesting food requires […]

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Thyroid Health + The Most Mineral-Rich Plants to Eat

Sea Vegetables As this planet’s singularly most nutritious food, sea vegetables contain all of the minerals needed for health. With 10 to 20 times the minerals of land plants, plus the added punch of a range of vitamins, the addition of sea vegetables to your diet will help meet your nutritional needs, help you to […]

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Is Inflammation Making You Fat and Tired?

Is inflammation making you fat and tired? Inflammation is a natural response to trauma, infection and other disruptions or threats to your physiology. It’s great that your body knows how to create inflammation. It can save your life. Unfortunately, most of us walk around with CHRONIC inflammation. This is largely due to the sugars, flours and processed foods that […]

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Sugar Mama’s Halloween Sugar Tips

Kick Your Sugar Cravings: Richele’s Scary Halloween Story (15 Oatmeal Cookies and 7 Big Mistakes) The Frightening Impact of Sugar And Your 5 Steps towards Success Greetings from the Sugar Mama! Halloween is here! I’m celebrating by sharing my scary sugar story and giving away my topinsider tips on how to scare off your sweet cravings… for good. When I […]

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Low Fat Diets + Infertility. Poor Nutrition + Child Development.

Teeth, Fats & Fertility Nutrition Research Every Parent and Parent-To-Be NEEDS to Know Got Kids? Thinking About Starting a Family? FACT: Modern children are being cheated out of the proper physical development, robust health and vitality that human beings are designed to experience.  Most of society, including many medical doctors, are unaware of the nutrition information I am […]

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Afternoon Cravings? Late Night Snacks? How To Kick Cravings Without Willpower or Deprivation.

Kick Cravings for Good Without Willpower or Deprivation The First Step The first step to overcoming your cravings is to upgrade. If you are eating ice cream with lots of junk in it- don’t stop eating ice cream- first upgrade to a brand that uses high quality ingredients. Don’t Cut Out “Bad” Foods Foods we label […]

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Why doesn’t the Low Fat Diet Work? Weight Loss Myth #4

Back to Top 5 Weight Loss Myths Weight Loss Myth #4 “Eating Fat Makes You Fat” – The Low Fat Myth Plus… 7 Steps for Releasing Weight with Delicious, Energizing Fats Americans eat less fat and cholesterol than 100 years ago, yet we are still gaining weight and getting sick at higher and higher rates.  Consistently eating more calories […]

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Milk or No Milk?

Milk or No Milk? Your Child’s Health May Depend On the Answer Was America WRONG about MILK? The most highly trained PhDs and MDs disagree about whether or not the white stuff is good for you and your kids. In this article, I’ll share CRITICAL information you need to know when making your decision about milk. Is Milk Necessary? […]

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