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4 Success Strategies To Stop Overeating At Holiday Meals (Luke’s Update)

How do Holiday meals go for you? I’m checking in post-Thanksgiving 2012 and I’m very happy. I’ve come a long way from the days when I’d eat and drink myself into a bloated, gassy, moody fog that would last until my January detox. This year, I was in control with food, enjoying family, and feeling […]

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Sugar Mama’s Halloween Sugar Tips

Kick Your Sugar Cravings: Richele’s Scary Halloween Story (15 Oatmeal Cookies and 7 Big Mistakes) The Frightening Impact of Sugar And Your 5 Steps towards Success Greetings from the Sugar Mama! Halloween is here! I’m celebrating by sharing my scary sugar story and giving away my topinsider tips on how to scare off your sweet cravings… for good. When I […]

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Afternoon Cravings? Late Night Snacks? How To Kick Cravings Without Willpower or Deprivation.

Kick Cravings for Good Without Willpower or Deprivation The First Step The first step to overcoming your cravings is to upgrade. If you are eating ice cream with lots of junk in it- don’t stop eating ice cream- first upgrade to a brand that uses high quality ingredients. Don’t Cut Out “Bad” Foods Foods we label […]

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Why doesn’t the Low Fat Diet Work? Weight Loss Myth #4

Back to Top 5 Weight Loss Myths Weight Loss Myth #4 “Eating Fat Makes You Fat” – The Low Fat Myth Plus… 7 Steps for Releasing Weight with Delicious, Energizing Fats Americans eat less fat and cholesterol than 100 years ago, yet we are still gaining weight and getting sick at higher and higher rates.  Consistently eating more calories […]

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Is Chocolate Really Healthy?

Super Food Nutrition 101 Did ya know there’s a radish root that can increase libido in both males and females? It’s called maca. Holistic doctors suggest it for hormone balance. This can include women in menopause orinfertility issues. Maca is great for people with hypothyroidism or adrenal fatigue. A single root contains almost 60 phyto-nutrients, a higher concentration of calcium than milk, along with many more vitamins […]

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Overeating? You aren’t alone.

Portion Distortion The portions, servings, helpings, slices and amounts of what we eat have grown dramatically over the past two decades. The bigger-is-better motto has taken over the food industry, in conjunction with mass marketing to convince us to buy bigger sizes in order to save money. Supermarkets and restaurants use the promise of better […]

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