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Which Is The “Best Breast Test?” Are Mammograms Safe?

Which is the “Best Breast Test?”   Dr. Carrick talks breast health & thermography. Listen here! Which medical test is best to detect if breasts are healthy? As Richele and 40 women begin 8 Weeks of “Body Love,” we thought it fitting to share with you about an exciting opportunity for you to love your body and specifically your breasts. […]

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Should We Stop Snacking?

Should We Stop Snacking? Even if we could stop ourselves from snacking, would that be healthy? Some health experts teach eating 3 square meals without snacking. Others teach eating small meals 6 times per day.  What gives? Why Not Snack? In my mind, snacking as little as possible makes the most sense. Digesting food requires […]

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Thyroid Health + The Most Mineral-Rich Plants to Eat

Sea Vegetables As this planet’s singularly most nutritious food, sea vegetables contain all of the minerals needed for health. With 10 to 20 times the minerals of land plants, plus the added punch of a range of vitamins, the addition of sea vegetables to your diet will help meet your nutritional needs, help you to […]

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Is Inflammation Making You Fat and Tired?

Is inflammation making you fat and tired? Inflammation is a natural response to trauma, infection and other disruptions or threats to your physiology. It’s great that your body knows how to create inflammation. It can save your life. Unfortunately, most of us walk around with CHRONIC inflammation. This is largely due to the sugars, flours and processed foods that […]

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Crohns and Colitis? Support for Natural Healing

Colitis or Crohns? Resources for Natural Healing of Irritable Bowel Disease   Understand Your Body and Dis-Ease The body is highly intelligent and makes very few mistakes. Just think about how it keeps your lungs breathing, heart beating, fights offs viruses, creates new life, and heals cuts all without your help.  The natural way of […]

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Chia – One of the Super Seeds

Chia: The Super Seed For Energy, Smooth Digestion and Overall Health I never thought I’d live to see my father and his card playing buddies discussing health food.  M&M’s, chips and beer used to be the staple foods at the card table. They haven’t reached the point of serving super food smoothies at games yet, but the […]

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Chronic Fatigue? Allergies? Kendell Reichhart’s Story of Healing [Audio Interview]

“Stories of Healing” Interview #2 Chronic Fatigue & Digestive Disorders Kendell Reichhart, CHC of Natural Vibrant Health Raw Food Nutrition & Live Blood Analysis Kendell Reichhart, CHC – Natural Vibrant Health Kendell of Natural Vibrant Health.Net struggled with digestive issues and chronic fatigue for years. She saw many doctors who pushed many prescriptions, but never shed any light on […]

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