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Crohns and Colitis? Support for Natural Healing

Colitis or Crohns? Resources for Natural Healing of Irritable Bowel Disease   Understand Your Body and Dis-Ease The body is highly intelligent and makes very few mistakes. Just think about how it keeps your lungs breathing, heart beating, fights offs viruses, creates new life, and heals cuts all without your help.  The natural way of […]

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Autism Spectrum Disorder with GAPS Diet – Story of Healing [Audio Interview]

“Stories of Healing” Interview #1 Autism Spectrum Disorder Angela Taylor and her son James Know someone with Autism, Chrohns, Colitis? On This Call You do not want to miss Angela’s interview. She shares: Her son James’ inspiring story of healing from autism spectrum disorder How nutrition played a major role in the healing The nutrition […]

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