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4 Success Strategies To Stop Overeating At Holiday Meals (Luke’s Update)

How do Holiday meals go for you? I’m checking in post-Thanksgiving 2012 and I’m very happy. I’ve come a long way from the days when I’d eat and drink myself into a bloated, gassy, moody fog that would last until my January detox. This year, I was in control with food, enjoying family, and feeling […]

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Fitness or Fakeness? Stop making excuses and get on track!

I’m loving getting fit at the MAC: in the salt water pool, pilates, spin, running, yoga, weights and more. The best part is the friendly “family-like” atmosphere. Or maybe its the abundance of clean towels and the dry sauna. 😉 Either way, the MAC is a fantastic place to transform your fitness. Check it out, you’ve […]

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Baltimore Herbalist – Zensations by Jen – Jenny Ehrhardt in Hampden

Zensations by Jen Apothecary of Herbs Herbs are powerful addition to a healthy lifestyle. They are medicinal and highly nutritious. For all your organic dried herbal needs – visit Jenny Ehrhardt at Zensations in Hampden. Bulk, salves, tinctures, teas and more!! Meet Jenny Ehrhardt Herbalist and Massage Therapist Listen to Jenny now! Jenny’s Story of […]

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The Best Turkey For Thanksgiving? [Local Resources]

Go Pastured! Go Local! In this article: Why Pastured Turkey Is The Best Find Your Local Pastured Turkey Cooking Your Turkey 101 Zeke’s Secret Step for an Extra Juicy Bird Resource Links Settling for a Store-Bought Bird? When you are planning your Holiday meals, choose a locally pastured bird this season and vote with your dollar for healthier food, […]

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Want to Support Our Veterans?

Meet The Baltimore Station   The Baltimore Station is a non-profit residential program supporting military veterans to break the cycle of poverty, homelessness and drug addiction and move into self-sufficiency as productive members or society. On Fridays, I teach the residents nutrition, meditation, and more. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite parts of the week. The […]

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