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Winter and the Water Element with Jennifer Downs

Winter and the Water Element  create vibrant health with nature’s wisdom Expert Interiew with Acupuncturist Jennifer Downs, RN LAc Jennifer Downs, RN LAc Pivot Point Projects Jennifer Downs is a powerful wellness resource for Baltimore. She has been practicing acupuncture for over 30 years. She is a wealth of knowledge, and most importantly, she walks […]

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Weight Loss Interview with Hilary Heslep

Weight Release Interview #2 Hilary Heslep Mom & Child Advocacy Lawyer On This Call If you struggle with body weight, you don’t want to miss this inspiring and informative interview with my friend and client-graduate Hilary Heslep. Hilary lost 30 pounds in our program and kept it off, even after having a baby. Be inspired and empowered by […]

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Autism Spectrum Disorder with GAPS Diet – Story of Healing [Audio Interview]

“Stories of Healing” Interview #1 Autism Spectrum Disorder Angela Taylor and her son James Know someone with Autism, Chrohns, Colitis? On This Call You do not want to miss Angela’s interview. She shares: Her son James’ inspiring story of healing from autism spectrum disorder How nutrition played a major role in the healing The nutrition […]

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Chronic Fatigue? Allergies? Kendell Reichhart’s Story of Healing [Audio Interview]

“Stories of Healing” Interview #2 Chronic Fatigue & Digestive Disorders Kendell Reichhart, CHC of Natural Vibrant Health Raw Food Nutrition & Live Blood Analysis Kendell Reichhart, CHC – Natural Vibrant Health Kendell of Natural Vibrant Health.Net struggled with digestive issues and chronic fatigue for years. She saw many doctors who pushed many prescriptions, but never shed any light on […]

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