Love Sodas? Try Kefir and Kombucha.

Fermented Beverages

Kefir Sodas For citrus soda:

1.cup fresh citrus juice, 1/2 cup sweetener (white sugar is fine!), a packet of powder and water to make 1/2 gallon. Cap tightly and leave at room temp for a few days…..the longer you keep it at room temp, the more bubbles it gets (the more sour as well)!

For ginger ale: 1/4 c peeled chopped fresh ginger root, 1/2 c lime juice, 1/2 c sugar, packet kefir powder. Same directions as above only strain into another jar when done.

For vanilla “soda”: 1T vanilla, 1/2 c natural sweetener, 1 packet powder. Same directions as lemonade! Add frozen or fresh berries for vanilla cherry or vanilla blueberry


1. kefir powder: or

2. kefir grains (you can reuse these- costs you less)


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