Deficient in Vitamin P? And 10 Summer Tips

Vitamin P
Missing this Key Nutrient?

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Top 10 Tips for a Pleasurable, Fun and Healthy Summer

1. Hike to a local swimming hole.

Get out into the sun and into the green. If you are a city dweller like me, you will be shocked the first time you get out into the woods this year. The green is overwhelming: so soothing and cooling. Two of my favorite spots are the Pretty Boy Reservoir and the NCR Trail.

2. Eat strawberries straight from the patch!

My girlfriend whisked me away last weekend to a friend’s country home to pick fresh organic strawberries. Amazing!!! There are “u-pick” farms in the Baltimore area where you and your family get a reduced price on the crop if you show up to do the pickin’. Big time fun! One such farm is Shaw Orchard at 5594 Norrisville Rd. White Hall, MD 21161 Phone: 410-692-2429.

3. Make Love!

I’ll spare you any recent experiences I might have had with this juicy early summer tip, but consider allowing a little more passion into your life and relationships. Whatever “making love” means to you, do it!

4. Eat Chocolate!

Enjoy the sensual, nourishing, and fun experience of making and eating the world’s most high quality dark chocolate. Details here.

5. Set a Weekly Date Night.

Last weekend I took my girlfriend to her first Baltimore Orioles game. It didn’t hurt that there was an amazing fireworks show afterwards. Movies, live music, dancing salsa, game night, barbeques, theatre, art galleries, the raw chocolate class. Get paired up with a partner or just friends and treat yourself to night out!

6. Play Games for Exercise.

As adults, we often limit ourselves to weights, treadmill, bike or pool for exercise. Remember when you were a kid?? Play games! Capture the flag, tag, hide and go seek, and of course sports of all kinds. It’s fun and it provides the thrill of unexpected outcomes. If you have old injuries, like me, take it easy of course (keep your body safe!), but find a way to play. Ask yourself, if I was ten again, how would I choose to move my body today.

7. Spontaneous Dance!

This could have been grouped in with #6, but spontaneous dance parties really deserves it’s own spot. Crank up some high energy dance music and let loose for 5 minutes every day. This is a great way to release unpleasant emotions or to get yourself into a “more resourceful states.” It’s great exercise, and its just plain fun! Instead of figuring your way out of a bad mood or a creative block, dance your way free.

Click Here to Watch My Dance Party!

8. Take a day off for no reason.

You deserve it. The world won’t stop spinning. Your business or organization will not stop running. Even if you think it will, it won’t. And if it really will, maybe it’s time to vision a new organizational model or business plan. Let’s learn to inspire and empower others, and to ask for support, instead of always trying to do it all by ourselves.

9. Get funky with food.

Each week choose a fun new recipe or ingredient to incorporate into your diet. The Farmer’s Market is a great place to start. If you come across an A+ recipe, send it to me at lucas AT

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