Chronic Fatigue? Allergies? Kendell Reichhart’s Story of Healing [Audio Interview]

“Stories of Healing” Interview #2

Chronic Fatigue & Digestive Disorders
Kendell Reichhart, CHC of Natural Vibrant Health
Raw Food Nutrition & Live Blood Analysis

Kendell Reichhart, CHC
– Natural Vibrant Health

Kendell of Natural Vibrant Health.Net struggled with digestive issues and chronic fatigue for years. She saw many doctors who pushed many prescriptions, but never shed any light on WHY she was sick.

She took her health into her own hands. After years of her own research and persistence, she discovered she had food allergies – including gluten and eggs. Getting off the irritating foods and adding in more raw foods and super foods – including a period of all raw foods, she tapped into her body’s natural healing ability.

She is symptom and drug free, has more energy than ever, and is loving an unexpected career as a raw foods coach.

On This Call

  • Kendell’s story of healing with raw food nutrition
  • Critical info about food sensitivities and allergies
  • Simple steps to increase your energy immediately
  • Why fat and calories are the least of your concerns
  • A little-known, AFFORDABLE way to know which types of supplements you need
  • PLUS a super discount just for our listeners
    ($99 for a 90 minute consult & Live Blood Analysis!)

Be Empowered and Inspired by Her Story!

Connect with Kendell

Kendell offers raw food prep classes, weekend retreats, consultations and programs, along with Live Blood Cell Analysis. She is based out of Lutherville, Maryland.

Kendell Reichhart

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