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“Cooking Is Fun Again!” [Testimonial]

“Lost 18 Pounds (side benefit)”   Helen Baylin, Coordinator Ruscombe Mansion “I was having digestive issues for a long time. I knew what foods I should avoid but didn’t always make the best choices. I’m a longtime cook, but I was in a food rut. I started to watch my portion sizes and started to lose some weight prior to […]

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“Lost Weight and Improved Digestion!”

“Lost weight & Digestion Improved” super mom & physical therapist Kelli Bethel “My family and I have lost weight and inches by making simple changes to better higher quality food. People comment on my husband’s weight loss and the only thing that’s changed is my cooking!” “We are no longer eating out all the time, as I am able to make […]

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“Released Weight and Gained Energy!”

Meg Arenberg, Phd Student “Even though I am very nutrition-conscious in my everyday life (partly from all the information I’ve soaked up from Lucas over the last several years), the extra support and motivation of an organized 7-Day Sugar Detox with Baltimore Health Coach continues to surprise me. Each time I’ve participated, I’ve released weight and […]

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Weight Loss Interview with Hilary Heslep

Weight Release Interview #2 Hilary Heslep Mom & Child Advocacy Lawyer On This Call If you struggle with body weight, you don’t want to miss this inspiring and informative interview with my friend and client-graduate Hilary Heslep. Hilary lost 30 pounds in our program and kept it off, even after having a baby. Be inspired and empowered by […]

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