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“Sleeping Better, Clear Skin” [Testimonial]

 “Sleeping Better, Clear Skin” Andrea B., VP of Consulting Firm I signed up for the 7-Day “Sugar Detox” after hearing rave reviews about Baltimore Health Coach from two friends who had participated in their cleanses. After moving across the country, starting a new job, and shifting from a rural/suburban to a city lifestyle, I found myself less […]

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“Kicked Sugar & Caffeine Addiction!” [Testimonial]

“Kicked Sugar & Caffeine Addiction!”   Tara Boren, Scientist  “I signed up for the 7-Day Sugar Detox to help re-ignite my passion for living a clean, energetic lifestyle. After starting professional school full time and working full time the good eating habits and self-love that I knew were best for me slipped, and I lost energy and gained […]

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“Released Weight and Gained Energy!”

Meg Arenberg, Phd Student “Even though I am very nutrition-conscious in my everyday life (partly from all the information I’ve soaked up from Lucas over the last several years), the extra support and motivation of an organized 7-Day Sugar Detox with Baltimore Health Coach continues to surprise me. Each time I’ve participated, I’ve released weight and […]

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More Energy, No Need For Coffee! [Testimonial]

“Boosted Energy for Work & Family” Katie Hester, Busy Mom & Professional “I signed up for the 7-Day Sugar Detox to increase my energy. I was slumping during the day (11:00am, 1:00pm, 5:00pm) and often reached for coffee. After just 7 days on the detox, these energy slumps decreased dramatically. I had more consistent energy throughout the day […]

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