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Did You Know 33% of Homeless Men Are Veterans? Interview with Michael Seipp of The Baltimore Station [audio]

Listen To The Interview: Michael Seipp is the executive director of The Baltimore Station. He explains how to best support our veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction and homelessness (and why it’s a no-brainer that we do so). Did You Know… roughly 33% of all homeless men are VETERANS 500,000-700,000 men per night are […]

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Interview: Joan Norman from One Straw Farm! [audio]

   Listen To The Interview:   Listen In To Learn… How to save money buying local, “organic” produce! The many hidden benefits of being a CSA member. How + when you can party with Joan + Drew! (our favorite) What to ask and look for when choosing the farmers you support. Some of the history […]

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Mindless Snacking? Low Energy? Try This! [Video]

Low Energy? Crashes? Your Most Energizing “Snack” Everything is food. Think outside the box when you choose how to address energy lows: Sometimes Water, sometimes Food, sometimes Meditation, and ALWAYS… A 5 Minute High Energy Daily Dance Party (DDP)!

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The #1 Nutrition Study (and how to apply the findings for health and longevity)

[jwplayer config=”640-480″ mediaid=”1374″] Basic Summary of Take-Aways Eat only whole foods. Eat no processed foods. Take care to eat the highest quality foods. (e.g. organic veggies, grass fed animals) Understand the critical role of fats and fat soluble vitamins. (e.g. Advanced Summary of Dietary Keys The 11 common characteristics of the “primitive” diets of the 14 […]

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Sun Salutation [Video]

The Sun Salutation A powerful warm up to the day and for any exercise routine. The sun salutation sequence in yoga utilizes all the major muscle groups and stimulates the “rest and relaxation” side of your nervous system. 10 sun salutations every morning is an energizing start to the day. 10 sun salutations before workouts […]

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Embracing the Changes of Motherhood [Moms]

Embracing the changes of motherhood By Heather Sobieralski, Certified Professional Health Coach Listen in on an interview with life coach and mom Heather Sobieralski Download the Interview Here When a woman becomes a mother, EVERYTHING CHANGES. Many of these changes are positive, as children enrich our lives, teach us how to love unconditionally and are inspirational for […]

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Digestive Health for Kids [Moms]

“Digestive Health for Kids” healthy gut = healthy kids with Lavina Velasco, CHC Listen to Lavina supporting BHC Moms… Why do digestive issues happen? How to alleviate them? 6 risk factors that cause digestive issues in your child 5 guiding principles for optimal digestion Q&A with Lavina & Lucas Listen to the recording and then check […]

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Which Is The “Best Breast Test?” Are Mammograms Safe?

Which is the “Best Breast Test?”   Dr. Carrick talks breast health & thermography. Listen here! Which medical test is best to detect if breasts are healthy? As Richele and 40 women begin 8 Weeks of “Body Love,” we thought it fitting to share with you about an exciting opportunity for you to love your body and specifically your breasts. […]

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Fitness or Fakeness? Stop making excuses and get on track!

I’m loving getting fit at the MAC: in the salt water pool, pilates, spin, running, yoga, weights and more. The best part is the friendly “family-like” atmosphere. Or maybe its the abundance of clean towels and the dry sauna. 😉 Either way, the MAC is a fantastic place to transform your fitness. Check it out, you’ve […]

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Thyroid Health + The Most Mineral-Rich Plants to Eat

Sea Vegetables As this planet’s singularly most nutritious food, sea vegetables contain all of the minerals needed for health. With 10 to 20 times the minerals of land plants, plus the added punch of a range of vitamins, the addition of sea vegetables to your diet will help meet your nutritional needs, help you to […]

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